List of Licensed Moneylenders in Singapore

List of Licensed Moneylenders in Singapore registered with the Registry of Moneylenders (RoM) under the Ministry of Law (MinLaw).

Updated as at 02 JUNE 2024
Click here to view the complete list of licensed moneylenders in Singapore compiled and published by the Regsitry of Moneylenders (RoM).

The rampant increase in Unlicensed Moneylending activities has been greatly facilitated by the Internet and Social Media, with many Unlicensed MoneyLenders (UML) impersonating and posing as a licensed company. Therefore, Trillion Credit has set up this page to help in creating and spreading awareness to assist borrowers in distinguishing between the two in the Republic of Singapore.

Under the Advertising & Marketing Directions (version 2.0 w.e.f 16 July 2019), Licensed MoneyLenders (LML) are only permitted to advertise through these channels:
(1) Business or consumer directories (in print or online media);
(2) Internet websites belonging to the licensed moneylender; and
(3) Advertisements placed within the approved place of business, or on the exterior side of the wall, door, shutter, gate or window of the approved place of business.

All other channels are prohibited.
(Therefore those advertisements that you see on Google Ad-words & Facebook Ads/Accounts/Pages are likely Unlicensed MoneyLenders and you should avoid them at all cost.)

Important Note from the RoM

There have been increasing reports of scammers and unlicensed moneylenders masquerading as licensed moneylenders to deceive victims into taking loans. Deceptive tactics used include soliciting for loans via:
a) SMS or WhatsApp text messages while claiming to represent licensed moneylenders; and
b) Websites and social media accounts that mimic those of licensed moneylenders (including those with website addresses that closely resembles those of licensed moneylenders).

It is observed that the perpetrators approached individuals via mobile text messages or phone calls, to ask them to transfer monies on the pretext of paying “GST fees” or “processing fees” before the disbursement of a loan. That is a scam. You may wish to refer to the Police Advisory on Loan Scams for more information.

In other instances, the perpetuators create bogus websites or social media accounts portraying themselves as licensed moneylenders in Singapore. Such websites solicit victims’ personal information such as their NRIC number, address and contact number, which can then be used for unlawful purposes.

Licensed moneylenders are disallowed to solicit for loans via text messages, phone calls or social media platforms. Licensed moneylenders are required to meet the borrower in person at the approved place of business to conduct physical face-to-face verification of his identity before granting any loan. A loan transaction performed fully online is disallowed.

Before visiting a licensed moneylender’s website, you are also strongly encouraged to verify the website address using only the list of licensed moneylenders found below.

Report possible unlicensed moneylending activities to the Police hotline at 1800-255-000 or submit the information online at Members of the public may also call the National Crime Prevention Council’s X-Ah Long hotline at 1800-924-5664.

For the purpose of verification, individuals should always cross reference with reliable and credible sources such as the relevant government departments, so that they can be sure that they are applying a for legal loan from a licensed moneylender.

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