Cash advance helps you through Financial Emergencies

A pay day loan is ideal when one meets financial emergencies in between paydays.

Trillion offers pay day loan to you to solve your emergency expenses. We’ll only lend you money for up to a month and you are always free to make early repayment with no hidden fees.


Surprisingly Low Interest Rates

With most cash advance loans, you will pay more reasonable interest rates. In other words, rather than drawing out your debt for years and accruing interest like you would with other type of loans, you repay a payday loan in full on your next pay day. Shorter terms mean that the loan has less time to accumulate interest charges


Pay out in Cash

Not all expenses accept credit card payment. We pay out in cash which offer you the flexibility to manage your finance and allow more planning to fulfill your personal priority


Securing your Confidentiality

Trillion provide high security standards and procedures to safeguard your personal information and loan application. The integrity of your information will be well-preserved and strictly private.


Over Spending, Eliminate unnecessary Collection

With all festivals and parties happening around the year, unexpected spending is nevertheless unavoidable. Having not enough money to pay off what you owe and accumulate elements like late fines, interest or minimal charges is definitely the last thing you want it to happen. With our pay day loans, it will definitely come in handy to save you.


• Full-Time Employment
• Age above 18 years old
• Singaporean / Permanent Resident / Foreigner with either S-Pass or Employment Pass

Documents require for Loan Application

(For Singaporeans & PR)

• Latest 3 months Payslip
• Remember Singpass to access (CPF Contribution / IRAS)
• A Proof of Residential Address (etc: Tenancy Agreement or Latest HP / Utilities bills or Bank statement)

(For Foreigner working in Singapore)

• Valid Work Pass (S-Pass or Employment Pass)
• Latest 3 months Payslip
• A Proof of Residential Address (etc: Tenancy Agreement or Latest HP / Utilities bills or Bank statement)


What is a Debt Consolidation Loan?

Debt consolidation loan plans in Singapore are a smart way to save money and achieve a lower interest rate across all your loans. Debt consolidation plans make your life much easier as it combines all credit card debt and loan into one fixed monthly repayment. This will decrease the chances of missing out payments and allows borrowers to reorganize and manage their finances. Debt consolidation plans also provide better interest rates and longer loan tenures so that individuals can comfortably repay their loans, hence taking them out of the vicious cycle of debt.

In Singapore, debt consolidation plans were introduced in 2017 to help Singaporeans and permanent residents who are struggling with multiple unsecured debt. The debt consolidation loan will help manage your debt better, consolidating it in one payment. You can also pay in smaller monthly installments as your debt is in consolidation, so there is only one amount, and it extends your payment terms up to 10 years.

Do be clear that a debt consolidation loan is not for reducing or getting rid of your debt at once. It is meant to help you pay off your debts in an easier and more manageable way. The consolidation of all your debt into one is still the same total amount you borrowed.

As with other loans, you will need to pay your monthly repayments on time otherwise you will face penalties and fees. Legal action may also be imposed upon you, which may


1. Quick and Simple Application

We have an online application form on our website that takes just a couple of minutes to fill in. You can find it here.


2. Flexible Packages and Repayment Schedules

Our Debt Consolidation Loan package can be customized for your needs. Our loan assistant will advise you and help determine a comfortable repayment method for you. Our aim is to help you pay off the debts with less stress.


3. Low-Interest Rates

We keep the interest rates low for our consolidation plans because we understand that you are already saddled with so many repayments. We do not want to make your life harder with our loan.


4. Longer Loan Tenure Periods

We offer loan tenure periods up to 3 years. This allows you to make comfortable repayments to avoid incurring even more fines.
Struggling with too many debts? Debt consolidation loans in Singapore can be extremely helpful for you as it can help pay off all your debts at once.
Taking out a loan is not a big problem until scheduled repayment is missed and load up more outstanding balance fees and interest. When there are too many loans to repay, it gets hard to manage and missing one or two payments will only increase the amount of money to be repaid. Debt consolidation plans (DCP) in Singapore make it easier to manage this.