Corporate Profile

Trillion Credit Solutions Pte. Ltd. (“Trillion Credit”) is a Professional Licensed Moneylender approved by the Registry of Moneylenders (RoM), and is fully compliant to the Moneylenders Act as mandated, authorised and regulated by Singapore’s Ministry of Law (MinLaw). As a testament to our financial standing and professional service, we are one of only a handful Licensed Moneylenders that have been granted an additional place(s) of business. Incorporated in Singapore since 22nd September 2010 (Wednesday), we are currently headquartered in Chinatown (People’s Park Centre) with a branch office in Orchard (Lucky Plaza Shopping Centre).

With the years of experience behind us and the generous repertoires of clients under our belt, we have gathered a vast wealth of understanding and expertise specific to the money lending industry. Our products have then been carefully designed to provide responsible credit solutions for the everyday financial needs of modern life, turning clients’ worries into solutions, dreams into reality. We serve clients that cover a wide spectrum of the credit cycle, from industry professionals to middle and small-income earners in genuine need for financial relief.

Our Brand

Trillion Credit is a leading institution in the list of licensed moneylenders based in Singapore. In a mere span of less than 2 years shortly after our incorporation, we began to receive recognition based on our dedication and results delivered to our clients. The accolades granted onto us range from local awards such as the Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise in back-to-back years of 2012 & 2013 by the Singapore Resource Association, to regional awards such as the Most Promising Category in the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2014 by Enterprise Asia that covers organizations from over 14 countries in Asia.

As a decennial company, we have learnt that markets do fluctuate, but values don’t. We have stood steadfastly by our clients and colleagues through both good and challenging times. This is because we firmly believe that trust is the world’s strongest currency and it is the foundation of all lasting relationships.

Our clients are at the center of what we do. We understand the day-to-day financial strains and needs of cash constrained consumers. Therefore, we constantly strive to deliver financial products that give our clients more financial control to help them get on with their lives.


Our Values

Trillion Credit’s core values are a key element of our ongoing success that defines how we work with our colleagues to collectively treat our clients as a solutions provider. Setting the standards on how we perform as individuals and as a team behind our company, we strive to reflect our core values in every aspect of interaction with each valued client.


Integrity means we are true to ourselves and to others by being transparent and consistent in all that we do. We endeavour to do what is right, not what is easiest. We take pride in our daily work and act with professionalism at all times.


Being responsible comes through being passionate about what we do by being accountable in handling loan accounts and solving problems through the best credit solutions. By embracing endless innovation and change that shapes the future of Trillion Credit in the industry, we are motivated to constantly strive and find ways to improve our products and services.


We consistently aim to become the Best Licensed Moneylender in Singapore. Excellence guides us to challenge ourselves to resolutely deliver the highest quality of service to our clients. In excellence, we promote personal and professional growth. We aim to continuously exceed our targets and the expectations of our clients, our colleagues, and our shareholders.


In line with our Brand & Values, Trillion Credit has long been a proud member of the Credit Association of Singapore (CAS).
The CAS is an association for Licensed Moneylenders in the moneylending industry, whose objectives include advocating ethical practice in the moneylending industry,
and upholding the motto of “INTEGRITY ABOVE ALL”, amongst others.

For more information on the CAS, kindly visit